When clinical trials fail: there’s always a silver lining

The HIV vaccine trial, Mosaico, was an important lesson for science. Even though it failed to ignite an immune response, the process expanded the realms of science. This works in biotech’s favor.

In 2019, an HIV vaccine trial, Mosaico, began. There was of course much pinning on it. Without treatment, the dangerous human immunodeficiency virus wreaks havoc on those it infects and broader communities. An article in Nature notes that advances in care over the past three decades have transformed HIV from a deadly disease to a manageable chronic condition. This is because of the amazing research and development, and drug discovery that has taken place to treat this complex condition. Nevertheless, substantial gaps in care remain and HIV continues to be a major public health threat. The best course? Preventative vaccines. 

But Mosaico failed. The vaccine meant to target a variety of HIV subtypes didn’t invoke the necessary immune response to neutralize the antibodies powerful enough to fight the infection. All was not lost. Dr Anthony Fauci asserted that despite Mosaico’s disappointing outcome, it did show that any further vaccine should rouse the body to produce broadly neutralizing antibodies. 

As biotech entrepreneurs, we have to confront wily adversaries such as HIV and consider the most innovative and thoughtful ways to tackle them. It’s really challenging to get the preventative treatment right. Healthcare experts, such as Fauci, lament that while there are working treatments, a patient must take them for the rest of their lives. In resource-constrained public health systems, this is not ideal. 

The silver-lining: why life-sciences companies need to appreciate failure

Scientific Learning: 

Vaccine trials, whether successful or not, provide valuable scientific data that can improve our understanding of the virus and the immune response. Each trial contributes to the growing body of knowledge in HIV research, potentially uncovering new avenues for vaccine development.

Targeting a Complex Virus: 

HIV is a highly mutable virus, which means it can change its genetic makeup rapidly, making it challenging to design an effective vaccine. By conducting trials like Mosaico, researchers can assess the efficacy of different vaccine candidates and refine their approaches.

Vaccine Development Strategies:

The failure of a vaccine trial provides insights into which strategies might not work and prompts researchers to reevaluate their hypotheses. It can lead to the refinement of future vaccine candidates, guiding scientists towards more promising avenues.

Ethical Considerations: 

Vaccine trials involve extensive testing on human volunteers. While a failure may be disheartening, it is essential to ensure the safety and efficacy of potential vaccines before wider deployment to avoid potential harm.

Future Trials: 

The data and lessons learned from a trial like Mosaico can inform the design of future trials. Researchers can adapt their methodologies and focus on different aspects to increase the chances of success in subsequent attempts.

Biotech entrepreneurs can take advantage of drug discovery funding

Fauci noted that the field is “going to continue to pursue very active research in that area.” For biotech companies, this signals opportunities. It’s not only vaccines that are being trialed. Indeed, the field will always require a variety of treatment and prevention options. From long–acting injectables to oral pre-exposure prophylaxis, the drug discovery landscape is a biotech entrepreneur’s oyster. 

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