Deep Innovation Intelligence on Autopilot

Monitoring technical and business data is an ongoing task for Innovation, R&D, BD, and CSOs. With traditional search analytics platforms, it’s also very time consuming. But it doesn’t have to be.

Similari cuts up to 90% of that time, connecting the dots and delivering the actionable insights your teams need to accelerate innovation.

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Keeping you updated when the landscape changes

Our state-of-the-art platform leverages AI, NLP and deep learning for proactive monitoring that keeps you updated when the landscape changes – as it inevitably does – today, tomorrow, a year from now.
Over time, Similari listens in, adapts to your activity, and continually suggests refinements.

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What Similari can do for you

  • M+ Articles
  • M+ Press releases
  • M+ Companies
  • K+ Clinical trials
  • M+ Patents

R&D and Innovation

Similari provides a dynamic, 360-degree picture of your industry, allowing you to identify vital gaps that R&D teams can fill with innovation. Accurate and continually updated data bolsters the business case for innovation projects.

Set smart budget allocation guardrails to ensure effective use of resources and optimal return on investment.

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Business Development

Leverage Similari’s market surveillance capabilities to identify new opportunities for partnership and collaboration. Mitigate business risks arising from new initiatives – by anticipating them before they emerge.

Never miss a beat, key trend or groundbreaking opportunity with Similari.

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Competitive Advantage

Which of your competitors are gaining traction, and in which publications? How are they doing it? Quickly uncover the answer to these and many other questions, instantly, within your Similari dashboard.

You’ll never be blindsided by a competitor’s moves again – because you’ll know about them before anyone else.

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Stop chasing data.

Set Similari up in 5 minutes, and let the data find you.

  • 1 Give us your company name
  • 2 Similari analyzes your landscape
  • 3 Timely, relevant insights begin to flow

“Now we see all the data that a regular search misses.”

Polypid is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company that develops novel therapies for enhanced surgical outcomes. Their technology gives surgeons the ability to localize medical treatments and control their delivery over time.

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From “zero” to
“in the know” in minutes.

Get set up in 5 minutes, with no configuration needed.
Reclaim your time for the work you love doing.
Stop searching: we’ll send you proactive insights about things you never would have known to search for. Start using tomorrow’s AI engine, today. Trusted by leading patent authorities.

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Tell us what you’re searching for

Take a guided tour of the system and its powerful capabilities. The demo lasts around 30 minutes, and covers everything you need to know about how Similari takes innovation to new heights.



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