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Similari surveys millions of data points to bring you key insights for effective innovation. Fast-track the process of identifying white spaces and allocating resources appropriately, while avoiding costly dead ends. Communicate more effectively with your entire stakeholder ecosystem for enhanced buy-in and collaborative decision-making.

Equip R&D and innovation teams for success, at every turn.

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Fast track R&D with Similari.

Eyes on the Horizon

Eyes on the Horizon

Identify and evaluate new technologies and market trends that could impact your products.

Boost Stakeholder Buy-In

Boost Stakeholder Buy-In

Use Similari to justify the value and impact of R&D activities to senior management and investors.

Protect Your Budget

Protect Your Budget

Sound, up-to-date data and insights allow you to set guardrails for research budget allocation.


We cover life sciences in depth, including clinical trials, press releases, articles and patents.


Expensive Failures: 3 Drug Development Missteps, and...

After years of development and billions in R&D spend, the vast majority of drugs never make it to market. Failure is a...

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The Anatomy of a Search Query: How...

The word “Google” became a verb in 2006, when it found its way into the Merriam-Webster dictionary. But like all shifts in...

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Planning Your 2023 Conference Schedule: So Many...

In-person conferences are back in full swing, and the event schedule for pharma and related industries is already jam-packed. But with so...

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