Planning Your 2023 Conference Schedule: So Many Events, So Little Time

Planning Your 2023 Conference Schedule: So Many Events, So Little Time

In-person conferences are back in full swing, and the event schedule for pharma and related industries is already jam-packed. But with so many events to choose from, businesses need to think strategically. Which events are really worth traveling to and attending in person, and which ones can you afford to piece together through publications and press releases?

Here is our quick guide to the conference scene, and how to refine the list.

Why attending in-person conferences is good business sense

Firstly, conferences provide an opportunity to learn new strategies and gain knowledge from industry experts in real-time. They also offer a unique chance to network with like-minded people: founders, researchers, healthcare executives, and leaders. While we’ve all become accustomed to doing this virtually, being in the room physically has definite advantages when it comes to relationship building.

For startups, conferences are a great way to get up to speed with the latest trends and regulatory requirements in their industry. Startups can also showcase their products at turnkey exhibits, generating exposure to potential customers and investors. Some conferences even offer pre-scheduled one-to-one meetings with investors or strategic buyers.

How to whittle down the list

With dozens of events spread over the entire globe, business leaders need to be selective. It’s simply not possible to be physically present at any more than a handful of in-person events.

Begin by identifying your goals. Are you primarily interested in networking or gaining specific information? If it’s networking, are you hoping to rub shoulders with potential partners, or investors? Each conference will have a different audience, so research this in advance to determine if it matches your goals.

Next, consider the agenda and speaker lineup. Conferences usually advertise a core organizing theme to distinguish themselves from others. It’s important to evaluate this theme in light of your own business needs. For early-stage startups, it makes sense to attend an event that emphasizes strategic partnerships. A telemedicine company may benefit from hearing industry leaders talk about digital transformation and compliance. 

To help you make the most effective choices, we’ve compiled a list of 5 upcoming events that are attracting industry leaders and innovators, each with a distinct focus.

Pharma USA: March 28 – 29, Philadelphia

This event will feature talks from over 100 industry leaders, with over a thousand change makers and innovators in attendance. Major themes for this year’s conference include the value of partnerships, and the primacy of data and insights for innovation and business strategy. 

Global Pharma & Drug Delivery Summit 2023: April 24 – 26, Frankfurt

Just like it says on the label, this event promises to examine the most vital pharma trends and key issues in the drug development process. Its stated aim is to bring together masterminds, including researchers, practitioners and technologists to forge collaborations and learn from the industry leaders in the room. 

BIOMED Israel: 16-18 May, Tel Aviv

The BIOMED Israel Conference and Exhibition is the largest convention in Israel for life sciences, bringing together industry experts, manufacturing sectors, and leading companies throughout the supply chain. The conference program will explore trends and innovations that are shaping the future of the life sciences industry. 

Similari will be attending, and we are especially excited to see conference sessions devoted to discussing AI in biopharma.

BIO International Convention: June 5-8, 2023, Boston

The BIO International Convention is one of the largest global events in the biotechnology industry. Hosted by the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) that brings together leaders and stakeholders in the biotech industry to exchange knowledge and ideas. It includes keynote presentations, panel discussions, networking events, and an exhibit hall showcasing the latest technologies, products, and services in biotechnology. The convention attracts thousands of attendees from around the world and provides a platform for connecting with potential partners and exploring new business opportunities in the industry.

Similari will be attending, and we are especially excited to see conference sessions devoted to discussing Innovation intelligence biopharma.

CPhI Worldwide: October 24-26, Barcelona

CPHI is a pharmaceutical event that brings together more than 100,000 pharmaceutical professionals annually through exhibitions, conferences, and online communities to network and identify business opportunities. CPHI Worldwide is the world’s leading pharmaceutical exhibition, hosted at a different location every year. The event covers all aspects of the industry and provides a platform for the global pharma community to gather and discuss the latest trends and innovations in the industry.

Similari will be attending, and we are especially excited to see conference sessions devoted to trend detention usign AI in pharma.

Being virtually everywhere at once, with Similari

The reality is that missing out on any large industry event comes with a cost. The value of creating in-person connections and learning directly from expert presenters is hard to quantify. But there is a way to stay in the know, without missing a beat. With Similari, you can access the most relevant insights from top conferences you weren’t able to attend in person – and even the ones you weren’t aware of. 

Similari’s insights mechanism surveys thousands of data points in press releases, M&A announcements, clinical trials and articles, and extracts critical insights for human decision makers to interpret and act upon.

Our next-generation AI empowers you to be (virtually) everywhere you need to be. Get in touch with our team to learn more.

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